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Soft Tissue Laser

Our practice is proud to provide you with our latest technology:  The soft tissue dental laser.

With laser-assisted treatment, we are now able to cut, remove and shape areas of soft tissue precisely and with minimal trauma, irritation, and damage to surface layers.  Now many surgical periodontal procedures that used to require a trip to the specialist, lengthy or uncomfortable healing time, or additional visits for follow-up or retreatment, can now be completed in our office within an hour. 

Typical procedures include:

  •  Crown Lengthening
  •  Treatment of periodontal pockets
  •  Frenectomies & removal of tissue to prevent or eliminate large diastemas 
  •  Exposing implants or unerupted teeth
  •  Treatment of aphthous ulcers (canker sores) and herpetic lesions
  •  Esthetic enhancement for veneers and smile make-overs


The soft tissue dental laser allows us to bring you affordable, effective, comfortable, and fast treatment in our office.  Ask us how we can help you take advantage of this exciting new technology.

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